Virginia: Day 3

We drove an hour. For donuts. BUT IT WAS MORE THAN WORTH IT. These are the best donuts that I have tasted. The company, called Duck Donuts, only has seven locations, but they should have many,  many more:) I ordered a maple glazed donut with bacon on top. It tasted like pancakes and bacon with syrup…but a donut!

It is really interesting and simple. They only have vanilla flavored cake donuts but you get to choose your icing (or no icing) and topping (or, again, no topping). It makes it really easy to order.

The donuts are SO soft. If you ever have an opportunity to visit a Duck Donuts, I highly recommend it.

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The sign says, ‘Caution! You will be hooked.” It is true!

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We ate there for elevensies. From there, we drove to Staunton, Virginia. This is the main purpose for our trip. To see Shakespeare plays at the Black Friar’s Theater. They do such a wonderful job putting on the plays. They make it funny and modern-ish and easy to follow.

Last year, my mom and sister and I saw Romeo and Juliet. We loved it so much that we wanted to go back ASAP. So we did! And this time Noni came with us.

Today, we saw Hamlet. We all loved it. The actor who played Hamlet was fantastic, all of the actors were. They were all musicians as well. They provided us with pre-music and interlude music. Singing and dancing and instruments. We had a wonderful time.

The theater itself is very interesting. It is modeled after Shakespeare’s original theater in London. It is small with wooden seating, some without backs. They have on-stage seating, and the actors include those sitting on the stage in the play somewhat. They leave the lights on because Shakespeare always held his plays either outdoors in the daylight or indoors by candlelight. This theater had (electronic) candle chandeliers to stay true to the candlelight tradition.

The stage has one large set with a couple of doors and a balcony. They only change the props so there are no set changes. As you can tell, it is very unique:)

For dinner, we found a restaurant called ‘Byers Street Bistro’. The food was delicious!! I did have pictures for you (of the donut as well) but I couldn’t get the email to come through. I ordered a chicken, bacon, corn relish, fresh green salad. Yes, it did have a name, but I can’t remember it:) It came with creamy avocado sauce and a homemade tortilla. Yum!!

And the mountains are gorgeous. We haven’t been able to get any good pictures of them yet. Take my word for it:) We have passed several overlooks that have great views. Maybe we will stop at one, one of these times.

Have you ever seen a Shakespeare play? (Believe me, it is much better to watch than to read.)

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