Virginia: Day 4

Another wonderful day:) We got to go back to Black Friar’s today! Today we saw Much Ado about Nothing. Oh my goodness, guys! They were outstanding. It was hilarious; the actors so energetic and friendly and talented. The two main characters-Beatrice and Benedick- were husband and wife in real life. When they kissed at the final scene, it was so cute to watch them:)

Afterwards, four of the cast members stayed on stage for a Talk Back, a question and answer session. Lots of the questions were about their training and original Shakespeare customs. One person asked, “How can you have so many plays just running through your head since you perform plays one right after the other?” One cast member answered, “One of our troupe members says, ‘I know how to make spaghetti, and I know how to make pancakes, but when I walk into the kitchen to make spaghetti, I don’t accidentally make pancakes.’ Each character you play is different. This is our career and our lives. It really isn’t as hard as you would think. You can’t imagine what someone’s job is like unless it is your job-the stress and labor and daily routine.”

I thought the whole spaghetti and pancake thing was very interesting. It’s true! It really explains the mindset of professional play actors.

Afterwards, we got a few a pictures outside the building:) which will come in tomorrow’s post if they ever come through on my email. Don’t you just love when things do work!!?

Then for dinner we went to a cute little restaurant called the Depot Grille. It used the be the train depot in Staunton. Several different shops now occupy the depot, the grille is just one of the businesses. All of the food was delicious, but guess what…they had CREME BRULEE. I am always looking for crème brulee anywhere I eat but rarely find it. Well this crème brulee far exceeded my expectations.

The top was so crunchy. The inside so soft. MMM. Perfection. Noni and Kaitlyn got their Key Lime Pie (also delicious:D) and Mom and I got the crème brulee.

(Please note that I am not the world’s greatest photographer!!)

Key Lime Pie and Crème Brulee

Key Lime Pie and Crème Brulee

The first bite...

The first bite…



The next first bites...

The next first bites…



We finished it that quickly too!

Sadly, today was our last day here in Virginia:( Tomorrow we are headed home to Ohio. Home to check my garden, start CILT work,

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