Virginia: the trip back

AH! Home again. We woke up yesterday morning and left the hotel around 8:30. We drove all day, finally getting home around 6:00.

We made a couple of stops. The first was at the Tamarak in West Virginia. It is a rest stop on steroids:) Lots of artisan shops and a food court as well as restaurants and a gas station. We spent an hour (maybe?) looking around and eating ice cream.We drove and drove and then grabbed some Arby’s. (Sadly, we did not find an overlook that we could stop to take pictures.)

When we got home, I just sort of flopped. I always plan on doing my laundry and putting my stuff away. Yeah. That happened maybe once…in my life. Ha, ha:) I still have to unpack.

We’ve just been doing errands today, mowing the lawn, etc. Is anyone watching the Cavs game tonight? I probably will. Ok! I have to confess…when I say ‘I am going to watch the game!’ I mean Pinteresting and occasionally looking up and cheering. That is how sportsy I am:)

Well, just a short post today. I will post more normal stuff this week! Have a good night.

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