Who Doesn’t Love Cows??

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday morning, at 8:15, my mom and I got to visit my chemistry teacher’s husband’s family farm. Her father-in-law raises cattle to sell. His grandchildren are all expected to raise steer and calves each year to take to 4-H to sell. It helps him and the kids because they get to keep the money.

So anyway, we got to visit and see them take care of their cows like they each do every morning. These kids (and sometimes their moms) go over to the farm each morning to  wash and dry and lead their steer and calf and cow. There must have been 10 kids and all of their moms there taking care of cows. Mom and I got to blow dry a cow!! Mom also lead a calf, but…I didn’t want to:)

After the cow adventure, we went over to her house to see her hogs. They just built a new house, and it is gorgeous! They cleared the land themselves and designed the house themselves. Such a pretty place.

Back to the hogs…I went inside their pen, and they started biting my feet! Jennifer’s daughter who is in 3rd grade was just walking in their and climbing around and checking their water and such. Let’s just say that as much as I love the outdoors, I am NOT a farm girl:)

What a great way to start the week:)

The rest of the week will involve studying Latin and getting myself ready (at least a little bit) for the school year which will start on August 24th. I am trying to not stress out over all that I have to get ready for. I have to get my books and set up my online Latin class stuff and ‘walk my schedule’ and study Latin and get school supplies. MMMMM!

BUT, once the school year starts maybe I will finally get into a routine again. We’ll see:p

I have started to do yoga every morning when I wake up. It helps me to get rid of all the ‘after sleep stiffness’ and it feels great! I read a verse from the Bible before and after I do yoga. A wonderful way to start the morning.




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