Wonderful Wednesday #1

Its Wednesday! Halfway through the week! Woohoo! I thought I would share some of my favorite products today. Maybe I should do a Friday Favorites post each week. What do you think? Is that something you would like to see? Well, for this week anyway I am going to do a…Wonderful Wednesday post. Ha! Did I make that up?? Maybe I should just do Wonderful Wednesdays and be different:) Let me know what you think.

Wonderful Wednesday #1:



Essence Ultime Omega repair and moisture conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner set is amazing! I have been looking for something really good that leaves my hair feeling great. This does! We happened to get it as a sample in the mail! It is fast dry, so my hair felt good just from towel drying it. I don’t blow dry my hair so it takes awhile to dry normally. I just toweled off my hair and it hung straight and free, not clumped in one streak at the back of my head. My hair looked shiny for at least five days after. With other products my hair looks greasy after two.


Essence Ultime Omega repair and moisture shampoo










I love the packaging too.

I love the packaging too. (You should know that I love things so much more with pretty packaging!)

This makeup remover works very well. I would rather have some that I can put directly on my eyes- any suggestions?- but it does work to rub some on my eyelashes to get mascara off. It gets my foundation off without leaving any residue. When I rinse my face, if I make sure to rub my eyes with a little bit of the cream and lots of water, it gets of my eyeliner too. I have to be careful to not get too much cream on my eyes, because it does sting if I do. Best of all, it smells like cucumber and is very cool to my face.




Skin brightening...doesn't sound great?

Skin brightening…doesn’t sound great?

I love Clean and Clear products. They smell amazing! I like this face wash with the bursting beads. It is very easy to rinse off, and it does clean my face. It erases signs of a sweaty workout if you are in a hurry to go somewhere.








Yum! Pretty! ;)

Yum! Pretty! 😉

This. It makes my face so smooth! It is rough and gritty. It cleans away all that dry, dead skin. When I go to rinse it off, I have to take a little bit longer because it is thick. When it is off though, my face is so soft and smells so good. So I am all about the smell and pretty packaging. Now you know my life secrets:)







I know it says oil free, but it does moisturize my face. So…

And of course after you strip your face of oils with all the washes, you need a good moisturizer. I have heard that you should keep the same brand moisturizer and cleanser so I went with Clean and Clear. This is a thin lotion with some acne preventives in it. I don’t get much acne, but this is great to keep away what does pop onto my face:) It leaves my face blotchy though. I have to make sure that I put it on about 10 minutes before I go out somewhere or before I put makeup on.






Now that  have gone through my favorite hygiene products, lets get on to some ‘prettifying’ things.

It is from Covergirl.

P.S.- It is from Covergirl.

This is my favorite mascara. When I do my makeup, I try to highlight my eyes. But I don’t like to use a lot of makeup or a lot of color. I like to make it look at natural as possible- eyeliner and mascara basically, but put on right:) This has a curved brush (I should have taken a picture of that too) which makes it easier to shape my lashes. It applies thickly,      but I can even it out and make my eyes pop.



I chose brown so I wouldn’t look so…crazy. I don’t like how I look with thick black eyeliner so I chose brown.

This liquid eyeliner is very easy to put on. I just started using liquid, and I’lI only use it for certain occasion or if I want to look more dressed up. When I first tried it, I looked like a raccoon; it was pretty bad:) It takes a few minutes to get it look even on both sides, but I think that is similar for any liquid eyeliner.








Looks Christmas-y but oh well.

Looks Christmas-y but oh well.

And finally, something that makes me smell good. I love the vanilla scents. I used one of my Christmas gift cards to Bath and Body Works to get their vanilla Bean Noel body spray. I really like the scent, and it still smells for several hours.







And that concludes my first Wonderful Wednesday post. Have a great day! Let me know how you like this.

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