Wonderful Wednesday #2

I’m back for another Wonderful Wednesday. You can find Wonderful Wednesday #1 here. You can find the Wonderful Wednesday page here!

Could not capture the gorgeousness...

Could not capture the gorgeousness…

#1: The weather. Today, at least, I love the weather! It is rainy and windy and overcast. The perfect day!

My good boy;)

My good boy;)




#2: My dog. He was riding in the car with us yesterday and all of a sudden I look over and see his head sticking between the passenger and driver’s seats. He is my baby:)





SO relaxing

SO relaxing

#3: Yoga. Corpse pose is the best. It is not an active pose, but that’s ok! I can relax so much and push all of the stress away! If you need to crack your back, lay on the floor and let yourself melt into the floor. Take a deep breath and let it go. That always works for me when I feel my back start to tighten.



#4:Psych TV show. I just finished the last episode. There were tears in my eyes! I loved it so much! They actually had a good ending episode. I don’t want it to be over though:(


unnamed (28)#5: Flutes. I recently joined a flute choir in my town. My grandma is in it with me so I don’t feel so intimidated by all the amazing flutists:)







That is all for this post! I have a yummy recipe coming up hopefully tomorrow:) 30 second warm-up breakfast anyone?? See you tomorrow…

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