Wonderful Wednesday #3

How is your midweek day? I had a marvelous day today:) I will get to all that later. Lets start this W.W. post! You can find Wonderful Wednesday #1 and #2 by clicking those links. Click on this link to go to the Wonderful Wednesday page.




Today I stopped at the store with my friend, and she bought me this Snapple drink. I know it is so high in sugar, but it is just SO GOOD. I wont drink it all the time, but every once in awhile it is ok! This is the first Snapple I have tried that I really like. I’ve tried the Peach before and it was just OK. The Kiwi Strawberry is definitely a keeper.






Chocolate over vanilla

Chocolate over vanilla

On the way home from the trip that I will talk about in a bit, we stopped to get lunch for my friend’s kids so she bought each of us a Frosty from Wendy’s. Chocolate is so much better than the vanilla frosty, Anyone agree with me? Oh boy, this has been a day full of sugar as you can see…






Not sugary!

Not sugary!

HERE is something that is actually good for me. It is completely natural and tastes like it too! It was sweet with a little bit of a tangy flavor. Very interesting. I had this on Friday night when I wasn’t feeling too great. It made me feel a bit better:) Go try one and tell me what you think! I just found it at our local family owned grocery store.







Only the best chemistry teacher ever! She is an RRT, a mom at our school, and the greatest chem teacher. Today she took me to the local University branch where I will be going next year for the College Credit Plus program. She got her RRT (It stands for Registered Respiratory Therapist. I don’t know what the degree is called, but she attended their RRT program) from there. She showed me some fun places to study, and relax. THEN we went up to the RRT classroom. One of her former professors was there with a class so he let us go in, and she showed me the lab. One of the students who is doing clinicals at her hospital is in the class. She said hi and introduced me. I was incredibly awestruck when she showed me the lab. Yep, pretty sure medicine is the field for me;) The campus is so pretty and peaceful. Afterwards we went to Target so she could get Easter gifts for her kids. We went to a sporting store for the same reason. After getting Easter gifts, she took me to Panera. We each got an Asiago cheese bagel with chive and onion cream cheese. (See? Sugar, sugar, sugar) I hooked her on the bagel:) It is my favorite thing to get there and now she loves it too. When we got back to school, we talked and warmed up food for the little munchkins. (Each Wednesday a parent comes in and warms up food the students bring in for lunch.)



I have a confession to make! I have been very bad with my workouts. So this is my goal, I want to workout for at least 10 minutes (Because I’m still a little wimp:p) 3 times a week. I am still trying to work up to the goals for the Presidential Physical Fitness test.

Sidetrack! Something has made me very mad, not just me either. Everyone at school is mad about it. I don’t know who made this decision, but whoever it is who runs the test decided to take out the levels of achievement. Starting next year, there won’t be a National Physical Fitness Award and a Presidential award. There will only be certificates for participation. That made us so mad! There is honestly no point in having the test if you aren’t going to be rewarded by how hard you work! The National award is easier, but still hard, to receive than the Presidential. Why would you make everyone on the same level? That would be like taking out Honor Roll and Merit Roll so that nobody feels left out if they don’t make the right grades. That wouldn’t be right because even the kids who don’t get those honor roll or merit roll awards still work hard to get the grades they do. The awards just motivate kids want to work harder. Getting the award is the public recognition due to them. The right amount of competition is good for people. If you take that away why would you even try?

So anyway, it has been a fun day. I want to hear your thoughts on anything that I said!

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2 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday #3

  1. Dottie says:

    It isn’t fair to make everyone the same. That kills motivation and striving to better oneself. The government would like to do that so they could take over and control everything. They must not be allowed to that. People need to work hard and achieve and be free to do that. If we keep God in our lives we will achieve in spite of the government.

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