Workin’ on the Farm

Good Monday morning! How are you all today? I had a wonderful weekend, even though it was cold and snowing at the beginning. Welcome to Ohio weather, I guess:) On Friday night, it started to snow. A lot. On Saturday morning it snowed but just a little this time.

So anyway, on Saturday morning I was able to go out to my friend/former PE teacher/camp counselor’s farm- we call her Coach. Coach and her family- grandpa, aunts- farm a lot of the land around them. They all live close to each other, and it is such a fun time when we get to go out to her house. Two of the counselors from our camp were going to be there so Coach asked me if I wanted to come too! I was there from about 1:00- 5:00. IT WAS COLD!! But FUN. We stacked wood from the woods into her basement, loaded a load of straw onto her truck, and played with the lambs. Of course, we laughed a lot too. What do you expect getting 3 counselors and a CILT (camper in leadership training) together for a day? We laughed a little too hard a little too much…:) We had a blast.

Then at 5:15 I was supposed to go babysit. So they drove me home, I changed out of my work boots and headed straight for the family’s house. I love babysitting them. The boys (ages 4, 9, 12- I think) are so much fun. The oldest just got his babysitting license. I hope he doesn’t put me out of a job;) We had a fun time as usual. I almost always bring something to do with them. They look forward to it. This time I brought supplies to make this kinetic sand.  

Have a good Monday!


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